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CBHS Lacrosse Policies

I.             Code of Conduct

All members of the Cocoa Beach High School (CBHS) lacrosse program are expected to represent themselves, their families and the CBHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams with honesty, integrity and character, whether it be academically, athletically, or socially.

As a player, you are expected to:

  1. Honor the Game: Play hard, but play within the rules.
  2. Respect your coaches and their decisions, understanding that coaches will prioritize the growth and improvement of your game.
  3. Respect the game officials and opponents at all times, particularly while on the field of play; set the bar for the level of sportsmanship. Absolutely no trash talking before, during, or after the game.
  4. Respect the time and effort that your teammates and coaches are putting in--make coming to practice a priority, arrive on time, and come with a positive attitude, alert and ready to learn and contribute
  5. Take responsibility for your actions during a game and accept consequences appropriately.
  6. Offer your best physical and mental effort 100% of the time.
  7. Put your schoolwork first and maintain a G.P.A. of at least a 2.0 (See Academic Policy).
  8. Follow all team and CBHS rules and guidelines, and understand the consequences of breaking team rules.
  9. Respect your fellow teammates (Varsity Boys, Girls, Colonials, Parents), and opponents when playing or spectating from the sidelines or the stands.
  10. Take care of your body, practice good nutrition, and come into the season in good physical shape.


 Athletes who do not conform to the Code of Conduct will be held accountable and be subject to consequences for their actions, which consequences may include, but are not limited to: an admonishment, written reprimand, suspension from the team or expulsion from the team and the CBHS. In addition to all team and CBHS policies, athletes are responsible for complying with all local school policies and city, state and federal laws.

II.            Practice

Practices are mandatory unless excused by a coach.  The weekly schedule is posted on this website and/or communicated in e-mail. Coaches will do their best to stick to the posted schedule, but please check e-mail and/or the site for last-minute changes

If you can’t make a practice, you need to notify your coach. Players need to text or call their coach if they will be late to practice. We expect that the player will call or text for themselves and NOT rely on a teammate or parent to communicate for them.

Absences will be excused for the following reasons: school related reason (tutor session or academic/service/winter sports club commitment), a family emergency, or if you missed or were excused from school for being sick. If something else arises, please communicate with your coach.

  1. ALWAYS arrive to practice on time (about 15 minutes early—have enough to have all of your gear on and be ready to play at the scheduled start time).
  2. Players are expected to partner pass as soon as they have their gear on, and while they are waiting for others to be ready.
  3. ALWAYS be prepared with the necessary equipment at practice: mouth guard, helmets/goggles, uniform, proper footwear, and of course, your stick.
  4. For safety purposes, no jewelry should be worn.
  5. RESPECT -- It is important for players to respect their coaches and their teammates. You might not always like everyone or like what you are doing at practice, but you need to learn to respect everyone and appreciate that your coaches have a purpose for everything you do at practice. A negative attitude is like poison to your team. Learn how to handle the adversity. Your coaches will be more than happy to discuss with you ways to manage this.
  6. While you are putting your gear on and during stretching you may talk about what you like with your friends. However, once the first whistle blows to begin practice, it is all lacrosse until the whistle to end practice. We are there to focus and be productive. Lacrosse practice is our opportunity to leave everything else in life (school drama, friend drama, family drama) outside the field, and just concentrate on the sport we love.
  7. NEW players are expected to put in extra time, outside of practice, “on the wall” to improve their stick skills.

III.          Games

  1. Cocoa Beach players have excellent sportsmanship! We always want to honor the game. Absolutely no swearing or back talking to officials, other players, or coaches.
  2. Arrive at the stadium least one hour before the game start.  Players shall be suited-up and ready for warm-ups at least 45 minutes prior to the game.
  3. Team captains will lead warm-ups prior to the game.
  4. ALWAYS be prepared with the necessary equipment for the game: mouth guard, helmets/goggles, gloves and pads, uniform, proper footwear, and of course, your stick.
  5. For safety purposes, no jewelry should be worn.
  6. Game time is team time.  Players on the sidelines or in the stands (home games) are expected to demonstrate sportsmanship and respect for the opponents and spectators from arrival until leaving the stadium.
  7. Leave the field cleaner than the way you found it. Clean up after yourself, which means any trash needs to be thrown out, gear needs to get picked up, and keep our sideline in order (bags lined up neatly).

IV.          Academics

Maintain a focus on academic achievement throughout the season. Athletes must meet FHSAA standards in order to compete and be eligible for Varsity letter.

V.           Facilities and Equipment

  1. Maintain (wash and repair) your equipment and respect your teammates equipment.
  2. Keep the lacrosse portable clean and organized.
  1. Respect and maintain all the school facilities. Cleanup after yourself.

VI.          Spring Break Recess

Boys Varsity team will have practices and one game during the spring break recess. Players are expected to support the scheduled practices and game.   

VII.        Varsity Lettering

To be eligible for a Varsity Letter a player must:

A. PLAY in at least one (1) regular season Varsity game.

B. MAINTAIN a minimum G.P.A of 2.0 throughout the season.

C. Have NO unexcused absences from practice or missed games.

D. Have NO disciplinary action resulting in expulsion from a game or team, suspension from playing in future games, or removal from practice.